The iridescent feathers of a White-faced Ibis, the flash of red on a Red-winged Blackbird or the brilliant white of a Tundra Swan bring amazing color to a sometimes drab world. It is my goal to capture these amazing colors that nature and wildlife bring to a world full of hustle and bustle, rushing and stress.

My time in the field photographing birds and nature is also a time for me to unwind, to slow down, to become part of our peaceful natural world even its just for a few hours each week. When the light is not quite right or the bird is just too far away or in a bad spot to photograph, I love to simply sit and watch them – to learn more about them and how they respond their surroundings: Just me, the birds and the environment – a glimpse of heaven? It is my hope that as you view my images, you gain as much pleasure as I get in making them.

I live in Sacramento with my husband Jim and our two two children, one in college and one still in grade school, both of whom you will see in my galleries.

If you are in need of my photography services, please contact me at or through the tab at the top of the page and let me know how I can help you.

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Leslie Morris

Member: North American Nature Photography Association.

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